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Insurers Need to Adopt a “Data First”​ Mindset as their Technology Strategy

12 minute read Insurance is in transformation and looking to technology to enhance every element of our business. But why then is there so much disappointment with our investment in technology. Data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence are all within reach, yet to capitalize on any of this companies must change their mindset. Customer Engagement, Product Innovation or Data First mindsets can offer us new ways to think about how our business can leverage technology to transform itself. But nothing will change if we aren’t willing to shift our mindset first.

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Data Science Skills – Going Beyond Math and Tech

10 minute read It makes sense to focus on things like R, Python and statistics when you look to develop data science skills. But competency in math and technology not the only skills data scientists require. Going beyond math and tech, and building often overlooked skills will differentiate data science great professionals among an ever increasing population.

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What Does a Data Scientist Really Do?

10 minute read Data science is a relatively new field. While some of what data science entails has been around for a long time (think math…since at least 1923…not sure, I’m not good with history), it has only been over the last several decades that data, math and computing have been able to join forces in a glorious triumvirate called data science. So, if you are a data scientist then your daily routine must be all about programming, stats and working with big data sets, right? Well, yes and no. A career path in data science is going to be much more nuanced than that. Your career can be very different depending on what industry you work in, what company you work for and how you want your career to develop. In short, being a data scientist will mean your day to day can be as diverse as the problems you solve…and since data scientists solve all kinds of problems, that is pretty damned diverse.

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